Next year may see the finish of the wellness center

The thermal bath is almost at its finish in Ada


2017. április 28., 13:30 >> 2017. május 21., 11:24

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Shortly, the thermal bath will be completed at the Ada recreational center, which will be the base of the wellness center planned for the Adica holiday resort. The construction of the wellness center will cost approximately 2 million EUR, which the municipality of Ada would finance from public funding, to serve as public property along with the beach. According to mayor Zoltán Bilicki, the wellness center and the beach could form a profitable complex, operating throughout the year.

The drilling works are in progress (Photo: Zsolt Csincsik)

The drilling works are in progress (Photo: Zsolt Csincsik)

– The second, final phase of the thermal bath drilling is taking place, which will soon be completed by the Novi Sad construction company, Naftagas. The bath costs the local government of Ada 38-39 million dinars, of which 10 million dinars were secured by the provincial government. After the first phase, the quality of the thermal water was tested with excellent results, the temperature of the water is 63 degrees Celsius, the capacity of the well adequate – explained Zoltan Bilicki. – In addition, in the second half of March, the municipality is conducting a public tender procedure, so as to build a power station at this location, which would supply electricity to the site of the motorcycle meets, the future wellness center and Adica's holiday resorts, plus the camping and the cottage area. Most of the infrastructural conditions would be ensured with its construction. In addition to this, the design plans are also in their last stage of completion, along with the main plans, business plans and building permits, which will all be available in the coming weeks. The estimated investment value of the wellness center is approximately 2 million EUR. Of this amount, 600 thousand EUR are two pieces of equipment, with which we could ensure the complete energy independence of the building. This is a major investment for a beginning, but the equipment would guarantee a position of the facility on the tourism market, along with working at very low costs. One of the equipment gathers the gases in the thermal water and drives them to a electricity generator. This would ensure the power supply of the entire facility and the electricity required for the operation of the heat pump. The heat pump or heat exchanger is important, as the thermal water is 63 degrees Celsius, a temperature which we could use to heat the wellness center and the pools of the beach – said the mayor of Ada.

The future wellness center

The future wellness center

According to Zoltán Bilicki, half of the 2 million EUR could be covered by the municipality of Ada, from current revenues and long-term loans. Furthermore, the mayor thinks that it is a realistic expectation, that if the municipality secures half of the money needed for the investment, then the other half would be secured by the provincial or the national government. Especially, as the beach and the wellness center must remain public property:

– It would also be possible to find a private investor. However, this company would include the already built public property, that is, the beach and the existing infrastructure of the Adica public company, which I think should not be mixed with private capital. Everyone in Ada considers the beach as their home, so I do not approve the influx of private capital into this investment. Furthermore, I am confident that, with good management, the outdoor swimming pools and the wellness center could function as a whole throughout the year, and I am also sure that it would show positive economic results. The municipality of Ada should use the summer to find financial solutions for the investment with the presentation of the complete design plans and the main infrastructural conditions. If this would happen, then the municipality could start the public tender procedure this fall, and in that case, the entire investment could be fully realized by the end of next year - said Zoltán Bilicki.

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