2021. május 15., szombat

Education of adults for CNC Machining

A course for millers and latherers in the Technical School in Ada

The market seems desperate for skilled workers, especially for those adept in CNC Machining, millers and latherers. That is why, the Technical School in Ada, plans to open a course in Hungarian for adults with secondary education for CNC Machining in the spring. If demand will be high, a course in Serbian will also be opened. The high school will register the course at the appropriate governmental authorities with the help of funds won from the Hungary based Bethlen Gábor Alap foundation – said principal Hilda Gilice.

Earlier CNC Machining for adults
Earlier CNC Machining for adults

– Our school already had a couple of courses, but, following new regulations, all of the courses need to be re-registered with the Provincial Secretariat for Education, drawing significant assets with itself. There is a huge demand for the course for CNC Machining, that is why we decided to apply for the reception of funds for the registration of this course.

– We won 200,000.00 HUF from the Bethlen Gábor Alap, which was enough to prepare the registration application, gather all of the required documents and contract drafts, as well as to draw and work out all of the details of the course. There are a few more steps which our school has to take to secure all of the necessary details for the course, first and foremost that being the bonus training of teachers taking part on the course, who will have to take part on seminars held by the Serbian Androgological Association. With the opening of this course, we will meet all of the needs of the work market, and help the development of the economy – Hilda Gilica confessed.

The principal told us that all of the required documents for registration are ready, that they signed the contracts for theoretical and practical education with the teachers, as well as the agreement of cooperation between the school and the Municipality of Ada. Next week they will post the documents to the Provincial Secretariat for Education, so as to register the course as soon as possible. It would be best to start already in spring, to meet the high demands of the public. Last year, at least twenty people, locals and non-locals alike, called in to ask about the course. The Technical School, in partnership with Paden Innovation Center, has already held CNC Machining education in Hungarian on a regular basis, thanks to which a lot of people got certificates and jobs.