No coal, nor firewood

Firewood supplies are dwindling – The situation on the lumber yards in Stara Moravica and Pačir

K. P. D.

2017. január 22., 09:32

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Firewood supplies are dwindling in Pačir and Stara Moravica. Traders ran out of supplies, the roads are bad and weather conditions are dangerous, the new loads arrival is extremely uncertain. If a truck or two even arrives to the lumber yard, buyers instantly buy up all the coal and lumber.

Stara Moravica citizens traditionally transfer their fueling material home with horse-drawn carriages operating in the village

Stara Moravica citizens traditionally transfer their fueling material home with horse-drawn carriages operating in the village

There are a few who sell firewood from home in Stara Moravica, but an anonymous interviewee told us he was tricked more than once like this. That’s why he always buys from official merchants. If possible, he supplies himself with cheaper material from Subotica or Bačka Topola.

Attila Zajác, director of the company Agroipmex, told us that they were out of fueling material, the demand would be enormous for it, but suppliers are not offering anything definite. A truck came on Thursday with dried coal from the Kolubara mines, but the next shipment is still uncertain. The shipment barely came off the vehicle, it was already gone. The price remains the same, 12,900.00 RSD. Earlier, the lumber yard sold coal from the Danube for 7,500.00 RSD per ton, lignite from Kolubara was sold for 7,900.00 RSD.

Pannonkapromet from Pačir has only firewood on offer, when available. The company director, Jovan Marjanović, said that one cubic meter of hardwood was last time 6,000.00 RSD. The extreme cold in the last couple of days lead to the total depletion of supplies. The arrival of fresh material is unknown. In regard to last years prices, there is approximately a 11% increase. He hopes that, when they receive more wood, it will not effect the present prices.

The director of MIKRA Coop from Pačir, József Miklós, also said that they were out of firewood. One cubic meter of hardwood is 5,400.00 RSD. The company’s policy is to constantly supply the village with coal, first and foremost keeping in mind those citizens, whose financial situation does not allow to have large stockpiles. They sell coal in sacks, in a limited amount. One sack is 35 kg of coal, for 450.00 RSD. Suppliers promised new shipments after 20 January, depending on weather conditions, but do not guarantee their arrival.

On why fueling material prices increase year by year, company directors said they are forced to raise their prices, as they also buy the material at an increased price.

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