2021. április 19., hétfő

Félix Lajkó the only Hungarian among the nominees

Félix Lajkó, violin and zither virtuoso, is the only Hungarian among the nominees for the award of one of the most know international world music magazines, the Songlines Music Awards.

Félix Lajkó (Source: Origo)
Félix Lajkó (Source: Origo)

The votes for the British magazine’s award – for best artist and group – can be submitted on-line. The voting can be done on the link http://www.songlines.co.uk/music-awards/ until midnight on 31 January 2017. Félix Lajkó is on the list with his album Most jöttem, released by the Budapest based Fonó label. The album is comprised of a collection of folk songs, featuring singers Anna Csizmadia, Bea Palya and Gabriella Tintér, alongside Antal Brasnyó on viola, Gergő Szabó Csobán on contrabass and László Porteleki on the violin.

– In the music of Félix Lajkó all of his influences from childhood are heard, which is folk music itself; all of it from Vojvodina, be it Hungarian, Romanian, Gypsy, or something else. On his album Most jöttem, we can hear his mastery on the violin and zither – published the label Fonó Budai Zeneház on its webpage on the album Most jöttem.

The double edition of the Songlines magazine for August-September also featured the album on 8th place in the collection Top of The World CD.

The Songlines Music Awards was established in 2009 in order to promote, celebrate and acknowledge music from around the globe.