2021. szeptember 21., kedd

A standstill in Brussels

The end of the year EU meeting passed by uneventfully. All is the same in Brussels, as if the turntable got jammed in 2015.

Especially to the European Parliament’s outgoing President, Martin Schulz, who again gave a speech about the importance of solidarity. Those who are acquainted with this kind of Brussels speech need no translation, everyone is aware of the hidden meaning of such kind, (un)Christian words coming from the mouth of openly anti-Christian (left, liberal, green) politicians, when it comes to talking about migration and migrants.

Illustration (AFP/Frederick FLORIN)
Illustration (AFP/Frederick FLORIN)

Absolute negation of solidarity towards those who say no to the “solution” of the quota plan and the unshameful pounding of the weak by the superiorly stronger.

The acceptance of the end of the year reports are also a solemn sign of living in the past: they are still revolving around the distribution of migrants and, what’s even worse, still going headstrong with anti-Moscow, anti-Putin politics, even though Washington has already started changing it’s viewpoint. As it is only natural, the healthy propositions of the countries of the Visegrád Group got cast away immediately, EU politics can’t be run from Warsaw or Budapest now, can they?

Time, on the other hand, does not take orders from Brussels. That is why it is much, much more plausible that time – nor history as Fukuyama stated – has not ended in 2015, as the posh gentleman would like to think, but that time will without argument step over and leave behind the unfruitful politicians. And the verdict will be given out by the voters.

That was the topic of Viktor Orbán’s interview given to 888-hu on Thursday. Worth a read.