2021. december 7., kedd

Media of modern societies

Magyar Szó got visited by participants of the conference of minority media

Today is the regional conference of minority and local media in the ceremonial hall of “Egység” in Novi Sad.

Photo: András Ótos
Photo: András Ótos

Beforehand, yesterday afternoon, the Novi Sad headquarters of Magyar Szó got visited by the participants and supporters of the conference (see photo). Bojan Brezigar, Executive Committee member of the The European Association of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages (MIDAS), Stefano Lusa, Editor in Chief of the informative program of the Slovenian Koperi Radio, Jurij Giacomelli, head of Giacomelli Media, dr. Nebojša Kuzmanović, Deputy Secretary of the Regional Secretariat for Culture and Information, Đorđe Vukmirović, assistant to the Secretary and Nataša Heror visited Márta Varjú, Editor in Chief of Magyar Szó.

The conference celebrated a smaller, 5th anniversary, this year dealing with the topic of social integration as a phenomenon, and connected to this the position of minority and local media in modern society, it being part of the community and the importance of this belonging. The participants will carefully analyze the meaning of society in modern times, and list examples of good practice, the importance of groups on social media. The organizers of this conference are the daily paper Magyar Szó, Giacomelli Media, Heror Media Spot, journalism consultant companies group MediaChange and the Serbian Media Association. The conference is also supported by the Regional Secretariat for Culture and Information and the Ministry of Culture and Information of the Republic of Serbia.