2021. május 18., kedd

Announcement of Magyar Szó’s Board of Members’ Meeting Rights

Magyar Szó Online was attacked on 23 October 2016 and consequently all previously published data by Magyar Szó Ltd. got erased from the webpage.

On the domain magyarszo.com, registered in the USA by Tibor Purger, instead of Magyar Szó’s publications, the articles of szabadmagyarszo.com got redirected and published.

In our paper’s domain registration, it is clearly stated that the on-line publications are strictly the right of Magyar Szó Ltd..

The webpage owned by Tibor Purger, Péter Kókai and Zoltán Vigi, has therefore, by the help of petty hacker-tricks, stolen the public property which was the essence of Magyar Szó’s intellectual worth: the archive, the domain name and the e-mails ending on @magyarszo.com.

Magyar Szó will of course take legal action against this despicable act of theft.

The goal of this attack was to mislead the readers of Magyar Szó Online, to taint the name of Magyar Szó, to use the paper’s intellectual property, built up in the last seventy years, to promote the political and ideological views of the persons mentioned above.

Beside the legal action which will be taken, Magyar Szó’s Board of Members’ Meeting Rights completely condemns the theft of the paper’s intellectual worth, and that of public property.

The redirection of the page under the veil of night is considered immorally sneaky, incorrect and downright evil, not fit to any journalist, intellectual and spiritual person, having no connection whatsoever to liberty, public life and freedom of speech.

The propagation of one’s own views should have been done on a separate web page, and not by hacking Magyar Szó Online.