2021. május 18., kedd

Magyar Szó online has a new address

From now on, Magyar Szó will be available at www.magyarszo.rs

Since Saturday, Magyar Szó online can be reached on magyarszo.rs, replacing the previous address of magyarszo.com.


Not going into unnecessary details, we are obliged to tell our readers that Purger Tibor, Magyar Szó journalist, gone out to Washington 25 years ago to report from there, has informed in e-mail our Editor in Chief a little bit after 20:00 on Saturday, that he is “cancelling the cooperation,” and instantly began a new website on the magyarszo.com address. In “heroic times,” Purger registered our webpage on an American domain, which was so registered on his name. The leadership of our paper has for some time been thinking about changing the owner’s rights, so as to prevent situations similar to this from happening. Last time, a hacker attack brought the change of rights into perspective, but Purger’s recent actions definitely led to choosing a new domain.

In line with the change of our website, our e-mail address has changed as well. Please send your future e-mails on the magyarszo.rs address.

We will of course keep our readers informed about the developments of this new situation, and will give you fresh news as soon as possible.