2021. május 18., kedd

The position of Magyar Szó on the European map

After joining MIDAS (European Association of Daily Newspapers in Minority and Regional Languages) a new chapter opens in Magyar Szó’s development

In Europe there are 50 million people living as minorities, a number which may not be neglected due to the size of the continent.

Magyar Szó is also a MIDAS member
Magyar Szó is also a MIDAS member

Bojan Brezigar, who is currently an Executive Committee member of the Slovenian daily newspaper Tengermelléki napló (“Seaside diary”) from Italy, suggested over a decade ago that minority newspapers should form an association which would represent the goals of this delicate group. Under this association, approximately half a million newspapers are published each day, Hungarian from Romania, Swedish from Finland, Polish from Lithuania, Catalan and Basque from Spain, Slovenian from Italy, Italian from Slovenia and Croatia, Hungarian from Slovakia, Danish from Germany and Lusatian Serb from Germany.

These papers – regardless of the economic background – have the same goal: to preserve the language, culture and identity of the minority. With its existence, MIDAS gives out one message to the world: We are not alone.

The newspapers which are members of this association produce 3.000 – 50.000 copies daily, are issued 3 – 7 days a week, in color, black and white or both. None of the member papers is younger than 40, the oldest one was founded 135 years ago.

After this brief introduction, we might say that the Magyar Szó – considering its capacity, standards and tradition – is in the middle of MIDAS’s membership hierarchy. The strong economic potential of minority papers is first and foremost defined by their additional services – creating newspaper websites and e-papers are a huge bonus for each papers development. In short: flexibility is one of the key points and characteristics for survival on today’s market.

This flexibility, with the help of minority papers and the realistic map of today’s political situation, will help the Old Continent – as a good captain – in getting through the turbulent times of the present. And as everyone knows, the best captains are forged on violent waters.